Colorful Quotes ~ Fun, Happy, Motivational ~ Positive Vibes Only

Take Care of Yourself
It's good advice and very important. It's so easy to become super busy taking care of others and handling so many things that we unintentionally neglect our own self care. So a cute little reminder never hurts. Here it is......
A Journey of a Thousand Miles
Don't wait to do something just because it seems daunting or will take a long time. Just get started. Take the first step and let the other steps follow. Enjoy the journey rather than focusing only on just the end...
Start Your Morning with a Smile
Always good advice. When you smile, even if you don't feel good, it helps you feel better. So start the morning that way... and be sure to continue generating smiles all day long for optimal enjoyment. And, it might be...
Happiness Looks Gorgeous on You!
We all want to look gorgeous. But on some days it seems more challenging than others for various reasons. Just remember, nothing is looks more gorgeous than happiness. So choose happiness and let it bring out your gorgeous self!
The Best View Comes After the Hardest Climb
It's that feeling of working hard and enjoying the results. Learning a new skill, becoming physically fit, moving to a new place, perfecting a hobby, getting a new job, etc. Cheers to your next climb & your amazing view!
Never Stop Dreaming
We all had plans during 2020 that got derailed and there were sad times for us all. But the wonderful human spirit continues to dream. And there is certainly no better time than now to keep dreaming. Happy new year 2021!