About Colorful Products and Favorites

Hello fellow lovers of color!

Yes, there are real people here at Colorful Products. My name is LaVae Mathis. I am the original creator and owner of Colorful Products and Favorites.

I've been creating online since 2013. I’m a very energetic person and when our kids went off to college, I needed a new adventure. So I started a small gifting website. It was a way to engage my sense of creativity and learn something new. The more time I spent on this engagement the more I LOVED IT!

bright and vivid red gift box with colorful hearts floating out as it is opened

After some twists, turns, and various branch growing and trimming, I realized my favorite endeavors revolve around color! I also noticed and realized that our most popular products were products that presented to a customer's favorite color palette.

So we learned more about color and how it plays a role in a happy life for all of us and how we as humans relate to color. And me personally, I can peruse the color swatches at any hardware store for hours.

colorful selection of paint color swatches

Then, the COVID crisis arrived in 2020 and we were all staying home. Home life and home activities became more prominent than ever. As it turns out, color can play a huge role in helping us be home and not feel so deprived.

So there you have it, Colorful Products and Favorites was born.

We don’t just love particular colors here, we love all colors and palettes! From Bright and Vivid, to Soothing Pastels, Earthy Neutrals, and yes, those Achromatic Tones can be real charmers as well.

You will find these filter options at the top of the filter drawer on all of our collection pages. If you're smitten with one of these particular groups in the spectrum and options of color, you can filter for product availability amid these color palettes.

And for more joyful shopping, be sure to check out our entire filter drawer for cute, fun, and colorful themes while meandering our pages.

We still have a lot of growing to do here at Colorful Products. We sincerely hope you will be a part of our colorful world as we broaden our selection of favorites, curate more colorful collections, and blog about colorful things.

Our fans and customers are our greatest joy. You can follow us on the below social websites and feel free to connect with me personally as well via LaVaeMathis.com. Much Love! ❤️️

lavae mathis head shot profile picture