Why Buy From Us

Why buy from us?

We believe your life should be joyous and we are on a mission to help you and others be happy and feel good!

As a part of this beautiful and colorful mission, we practice the following:

  • A portion of every purchase made goes to charitable donations to help bring joy and well-being into the lives of others as well. You can be happy and feel good about being a part of this mission with every purchase you make here at Colorful Products.
  • We provide a 180-day return policy in the event that your purchase fails to bring joy as intended.
  • We research our suppliers intently and we only partner with companies that have a solid track record of bringing joy to the market with top tier ratings and products.
  • We offer secure shopping and ordering with a variety of convenient payment options.
  • We offer free shipping on every order.
  • Estimated shipping times are always disclosed in our product descriptions. If an item is in high demand or has a potentially lengthy shipping time, we let you know that right up front.
  • And, we have exclusive sales for our subscribers, so join our subscribers today and become a VIP club member!

Be happy, feel good, join us today! Join the Colorful Products VIP Club HERE.